Conference news 2


For some participants, the upcoming IGeLU Meeting in Budapest will be the first IGeLU Meeting ever. So why not invite them to a first timers meeting where they will be able to learn everything they always wanted to know about the User Group and the event? Where they will get to know other newcomers and find it easy to connect…

So for the first time ever, there will be a first timers meeting going on in Budapest, during the Tuesday evening social event (reception at the Parliament). IGeLU “newbies” will receive an email invitation to this event, explaining all the details. If you are new to IGeLU, please watch out for this very special event.

And just to let you know: a FIRST first timers meeting is exciting not only for new participants. It is of course exciting for the premiere organisers as well! ;-)

Hope to see you there,

Peter Klien

Member, IGeLU Steering Committee

Chair, Budapest Programme Planning Committee