Idea Exchange

An Ex Libris initative After intensive discussions with the Steering Committee about the aim of the initiative, Ex Libris has announced a new platform for all customers to post ideas for enhancements and extensions to their products. This platform also offers a voting mechanism to facilitate customers to support good ideas. The platform is based […]

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News from the Rosetta User Group

The Rosetta User Group (RUG) was initiated on July 18, 2012, in Hanover, Germany. A significant part of the current Rosetta customers met to decide on how to organize their cooperation at present, taking into account that Rosetta is still a new product specifically designed to support organisations that have a mandate to ensure the […]

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Rosetta (stepping) stone

Rosetta was first presented to the IGeLU community at the Madrid Conference in 2008, and from that point the Digitool PWG has had primary responsibility for the product within IGeLU. Initially that was through liaison with the Ex Libris Product Managers, and last year in Haifa we also got the first two presentations from the […]

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