Primo support for Austlang and ISO 639-3


The October 2021 release for Primo VE and the November 2021 release for Primo brings out-of-the-box support for Austlang and capability for support for ISO 639-3 ‘microlanguages’. This product development for Primo language support beyond ISO 639-2 ‘macrolanguages’ allows our international community to correctly recognise and respect this important content in our collections, and supports […]

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CDI Activation Analysis Tool now available

Computer Graphs

Our community is now more empowered to understand how our actions in activating collections fuels our user experience of CDI content in Primo. The new CDI Activation Analysis Tool is now available to all, as of 20th October 2021. Several members of our community were involved in early access testing, including the IGeLU Primo WG, […]

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2021 Enhancements voting is open!

Alma, Primo, and Leganto customers who are also IGeLU or ELUNA members are in for a busy three weeks. Votable submissions are now available for review for all three products for the first rounds, with voting closing in three weeks. Refer to the respective community listservs for specific updates and details. […]

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Primo 2021 enhancements timeline

It is time for our members to get all your requests in for the 2021 Primo enhancements round. See Primo enhancements for a log of all the great Primo product development outcomes achieved in recent years, as a result of this collaborative enhancement process between Ex Libris Primo Product Management and our active member community. […]

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Primo NERS: Extended to April 15

Due to the health safety challenges and strains faced by many institutions worldwide currently, the Primo working groups of ELUNA and IGeLU have decided to extend this year’s NERS voting period through April 15. The voting takes place at This year’s ballot has 100 requests to choose from. Each organisation has 100 voting points […]

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Primo 2019 NERS results

Thank you to all who have submitted requests and voted in this year’s Primo enhancement round in NERS. The results of the ballot is now in, and ExLibris has added development complexity points to the requests. The Primo community gets to spend 100 complexity points each year, which this year sufficed for the top five […]

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NERS Content Voting Cycle H2 2018

The voting for Content-related enhancement requests has begun on Monday December 3rd. Voting will be open until Sunday December 23. Please vote! The more participation we get, the better the ballot result represent the needs of members institutions. The voting will be for requests to have new content collections/targets/databases added into all Ex Libris ProQuest […]

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NERS Content Enhancement (Spring 2018)

The Spring 2018 NERS Cycle for Content has now started! Timeline for this Content Enhancement Cycle: Review by the NERS coordinators of the existing migrated requests from Wednesday May 9 to Sunday May 20, 2018 Submission of new requests by the user community: Monday May 21 to Sunday June 3, 2018 Content Working Group review […]

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NERS and Ideas Exchange (IE)

WHAT NERS DOES FOR YOU IGeLU, ELUNA and Ex Libris have a Product Development Collaboration Agreement, where Ex Libris has a commitment to develop the top voted enhancement requests from customers. The NERS system and underlying Product Development Collaboration Agreement give ELUNA and IGeLU members the benefit to prioritize customer enhancement requests using the voting […]

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A quick update on NERS

In case you missed it, this past Fall, we launched single sign on in NERS for IGeLU users.  Your official IGeLU username and password will now work for logging into NERS.  Currently, we are working on a handful of new features for NERS which will launch this Spring.  Most of them are minor tweaks to […]

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