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As is now traditional at the annual conference, several Q&A (Question and Answer) sessions will be taking place with Ex Libris product managers and executives at the Budapest meeting in September. *General (and general Alma) questions* intended for the Ex Libris Board of Management will be presented in the General Q&A plenary on Thursday, September 3, while *product-specific questions* (including questions on specific Alma functionalities) will form part of the Ex Libris Product Update sessions given by individual Ex Libris product managers.

You are invited to submit any question that you would like to see answered. To submit a question, please just fill in this form.

We will collect your questions and deliver them (anonymised) to Ex Libris beforehand, in order to give them some time to prepare their answers.

Thank you in advance for your contributions,
Peter Klien,
Member, IGeLU Steering Committee
Chair, Budapest 2015 Programme Planning Committee