Analytics WG Update

Based on his experience in the OBIEE v12 project, Group Deputy Coordinator, Davin Pate, created and posted an OBI 11 –> OAS migration best practices document explaining how to move private, My Folders to Shared Folders before the upgrade @  Most recently, Ex Libris has posted an update about the planned migration to OAS in the July Release Notes @ AMERICAN take note!  It’s happening this month!

The Analytics Group is working on reports of Inconsistent Measures / Facets.  Many Analytics subject areas share the same measures.  It has been observed that these shared sections are not always consistently built.  The Group is compiling a list of these inconsistent measures and facets across Analytics subject areas.  This is a much-needed expansion of last year’s project to compare date fields across subject areas.

Types of differences:

• Things that are the same but differently named/located

• Things that look the same, but are not

• Things that are in 1 area but not in the other (when determined to be necessary in both)

If you have issues to report, remember the analytics listserv (

Submitted by: Joan Kolark