Alma Work Group

Update on NERS 2020

Enhancement #6968 [Provide the ability to identify broken links to electronic and digital resources] (50 points) could not be completed due to technical limitations. When ExLibris started to work on developing this enhancement ExLibris found they could not overcome the restrictions of various vendor security measures.

Because #6968 could not be completed, it has been removed from the NERS enhancement process. We’ve agreed to have Ex Libris complete the following enhancements which were next in line as part of the 2020 NERS enhancement process. These are to be delivered in 2021 Q4:

  • NERS #6941 Enable customer-improve Display Logic Rules. (10 points)
  • NERS #6676 Enable customer-defined order of  locations in the Get It menu (50 points)

In conversations with Ex Libris, we have emphasized the importance of improving link-checking workflows in Alma. ExLibris acknowledge the importance of linking issues experienced by the community and have agreed to add to their Alma roadmap a feature such as ‘report broken link’. The full details and timeline for this development will be worked on in conjunction with the Alma WG.

NERS 2021

NERS 2021 call for ideas will run from the 31st Jan 2021 to 13th Feb 2021. The Alma subgroups will review ideas and check for duplicates between Feb. 14 – Mar. 27 with the aim to start the first round of voting on March 28th 2021. Keep your eye on the Alma-list for prompts and reminders to get your ideas in and to vote.

Alma Digital SubGroup

With the increased interest in Alma Digital following the year that was 2020, the Alma WG are seeking to re-energize the Alma Digital subgroup in preparation for what will likely be a busy year for them. A call for participants went out in January 2021.

Working with focus groups

The Alma WG has been strengthening ties with other focus groups in an attempt to help increase representation and improvements in these areas of Alma. The Alma WG now has a liaison with the Alma Authority Focus Group, the Community Zone Management Group (CZMG), and the Linked Open Data Workings Group.