Aleph enhancements – migrating to NERS

The Aleph 2011 enhancement voting has finished. The Aleph PWG module coordinators will next review, comment upon and approve development specifications for each enhancement, as they are received from Ex Libris.  In the next months we can expect to get 15 sets of specs for our 2010 and 2011 voting cycles.

However we are already looking forward to the next voting cycle: Together with ELUNA we have begun the planning to switch to NERS. We will start from scratch, which means that no requests from the current database will be transferred into NERS. Not all old suggestions are relevant any more, but you may want to reenter some unfilled ideas into NERS again if they are still needed.

This approach helps us to refer to the latest functionality available in Aleph and will make the voting most efficient. We will keep the community updated in the coming months about our progress in the transition.

Marcus Zerbst, Aleph PWG